From Che Tano to Los Tanitos

Since April 1, 1992 Che Tano has served as both a social and cultural hub for the Kendall region of Miami. A landmark of its neighborhood, the carniceria/restaurant has Los Tanitosbecome one of the longest-standing and most successful family-owned businesses in the area while maintaining its trademark reputation for delivering friendship and community to its clients.
Located at the heart of a mixed Latin American neighborhood known for its cultural dining options, Che Tano remains the most reputed and recognizable establishment of its type. While its success has inspired its share of similar upstarts in the area, Che Tano is Miami’s original Argentine-style Carniceria/Restaurant — a trailblazer of its industry.
Che Tano has abided by the same three goals — quality, service, and honesty — established at its founding over two decades ago, and they remain the three fundamental pillars of its success today.
After 20 long years, Che Tano retires leaving their kids the legacy of its success. Now known as Los Tanitos. Los Tanitos will continue to carry on the tradition, quality, service and honesty to it’s clients. We are more than proud to share our success with you. Please join us at our new location.
9564 SW 137th AVE.

Carla Di Lorenzo

Los Tanitos, Inc.